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Internet Ordu is about people making things work in the world today. For example, lots of technological advances have advanced humankind today and we have discovered many different new technologies that have convenienced us but also brought us sometimes to ruin. For the sake of advancing our love of technology and research into the future, we hope that our blog will allow us to share our thoughts on these scientific discoveries to the world today.

You as our reader may be a normal household maid, any struggling college student trying to paid your bills, or even a successful business owner – but our love for technology connects each other. We are exposed to technology everywhere we go – from the iPhones in our pockets to the Amazon or Google devices in our homes. Even then, we can consider a simple analog clock or telephone or even a table or chair as a technology that did not exist a few thousand years ago. Mankind’s ingenuity is at its peak when we are developing and innovating new ways to be more efficient and convenient in today’s world.

We hope that by reading this blog, you will be exposed to more new things related to science and technology and be able to learn more about how the world works. This is our mission, at Internet Ordu.


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